Researchers in Australia have found that breastmilk contains stem cells! Read about it here. [Thank you to Carrie for the article]

We have known years that breastmilk provides babies a lot more than just nutrition. Breastmilk contains antibodies from the mother which is why breastfed babies are so much less likely to be hospitalized for an infection than babies fed artificial baby milk. According to pioneering nursing professor Paula Meier, the milk of the mothers of the preemies she works with “is really a medication for their babies. ”

But stem cells?? We haven’t head anything about stem cells in breastmilk. We don’t know what they do there or why they’re there. I’ll be eager to learn more in the years to come about what their role it.

But whatever role stem cells play in breastmilk, they’re not there for accident. They have some function protecting babies in a way that we don’t understand.

And when we ask “Why is breastmilk so different than formula? Why can’t we capture all the wonders of breastmilk and put it in a can?” Well, it’s not so easy to replicate stemcells. Or antibodies. Or all of the other things living in breastmilk that we haven’t even heard of yet, but that are in your breastmilk right doing their jobs helping your baby grow smart, strong, and resilient.

Sara Spalding